How to introduce the 2023 interior design trends into your home

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Want to know what will be influencing our home interiors in 2023?  Read on for some of the top 2023 interior design trends and ideas on how you can introduce them into your home. 

Embrace the colour spectrum

Here’s a spotlight on the colours we think you’ll see more of in 2023, but we are definitely all about embracing the colours that work best for you and your home.

Calm and tranquil blues

Interior design colour trends for 2023 include tranquil, relaxed and calming blues.  The soothing nature of this cool tone makes it great for spaces of serenity and wellbeing.  We will also seek inspiration from the sea – turquoise, ethereal green-blue blends which help bring focus or upliftment.

Golden tones

A modern neutral and definitely a move away from sparkly metallics, introduce warm gentle golds, coppers and brass to accent your interior decor. 

Add a pop of colour

Don’t be afraid of using colour!  Whether you want to introduce personality with a pop of colour or you want to introduce a nod to the cyberpunk trend with bright neons, embrace the bright and the bold.

The jury’s out . . . 

We’ve seen a lot of lavender in trend predictions, but the jury’s definitely out on this one – just saying!

As nature intended

Moving from the sea to the land, breathe renewed energy to your space by introducing earthy tones, paired with bolder shades of clay, olive and turquoise. Nature inspired hues such as warm browns, bark and forest greens can bring a sense of the outside in and contribute to feelings of well-being.  

“We are seeing increased interest in our customised furniture made from natural materials such as woods, leather, marble and metals which are key elements for a smooth organic environment.”

Luxury for everyone

For us, this is a luxury rooted in quality and craftsmanship. It is about investing in furniture and home accessories that are timeless in design that you will love for many years to come. 

Pure opulence is also coming back and maximalist concepts are returning.  Introduce this to your home with luxurious finishes, rich materials such as velvets & linens, marbles & metals, statement wallpapers and deep colours.  Take inspiration from art deco or neoclassicist interiors.

There is a definite shift towards iconic design pieces – take your pick from 50s glamour, 70s cool as well as contemporary designs that will become the classics of the future.

Elevate your space by using the luxury and magic of beautiful metals such as copper, brass and stainless steel.  These modern metal neutrals add instant warmth and glamour to your room and will have timeless appeal.  The range of luxe metal furniture and accessories from Italian heritage brand, De Castelli will totally inspire this look. Their craftsmanship and technology creates different effects and finishes on the metal surfaces, creating individual works of art.

Comforting curved shapes

The trend for curvy enveloping shapes is definitely here to stay as we seek comfort, nurturing and an escape from whatever might be happening in the world around us.  Experts believe this visually appealing trend could help improve wellbeing, evoking responses such as calmness, contentedness and even hopefulness. 

From cocooning crescent sofas to curvy cabinets, this look is all about creating a warm, inviting, comfortable and cosy feeling in your space.

Happiness and conviviality

Another antidote to the aftermath of the pandemic and economic woes is using home decor as a way to inject joy and creativity into our daily lives.  Introducing colourful designs, fun shapes & details, as well as using interior fragrance as a tool to create a positive atmosphere, is a counter reaction to the years of minimalism and grey/beige.

We love cheeky accessories that bring a smile to your face from contemporary cuckoo clocks to fun bright seating; from quirky design pieces to fun detailing.

Creating fluidity between indoors and out

Interior design trends in 2023 and beyond will see more connection between the indoors and outdoors as we opt to bring influences of nature inside our homes, as well as using furniture that can multi-task in both environments.  

Our range from TrabA creates synergy between interiors and exteriors with indoor and outdoor versions of seating, tables and coffee tables which interact to bring stylistic and architectural harmony to rooms and spaces.  This allows the inside and outside to merge creating cohesion and fluidity. 

Buying online but with personal design consultation

Probably the biggest shift in the last few years and maybe one of the biggest 2023 interior design trends has been the growth in purchasing furniture online, but for those buying quality products there is still an absolute requirement for personal service.   And, that’s where we hope we stand out.  

At, our approach is to offer the best of both worlds – a boutique online showroom with a carefully curated range of custom-made luxury furniture and home accessories that you won’t easily find on the High Street, coupled with an expert team who are on-hand to provide bespoke design advice by phone, online meeting or face-to-face.  

This approach allows us to offer an exceptional selection of furniture custom-made your way.  We offer hundreds of fabrics, metals, marbles, woods and other finishes for you to choose from and many upholstered designs can also be made in your own material if you prefer.

And, we’d love to help . . . Contact us at or 020 3908 5605