Give your home a refresh this season, with our 2023 Spring Edit

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Spring is a time of new beginnings, so we’ve put together our 2023 Spring Edit to freshen up your home and garden that will be perfect for the rest of this year and for many more years to come!

Inspired by the Spring colours

Take interior inspiration from nature this season, think daffodils, tulips, budding trees and hyacinths to add some colour and fun to your home…

Add pops of colour

Daffodil yellows, perfect pinks and blue skies are all perfect shades for this season. Make a statement with a colourful dining table or accessorise with pops of colour.

Soften with perfect pastels

Soften the colour palette with pastels which will help to create a calm and peaceful space for you to unwind after a busy day.

Fresh and clean cool neutrals

Create spaces that feel clean, fresh and bright using light coloured woods and upholstery.

As nature intended

Bring a sense of nature indoors by adding fresh greens to your interiors. Proven to reduce stress and anxiety, this colour will bridge the gap between your home and garden.

Spring Clean

From beautiful storage solutions and cool tones to home fragrances and crisp linens, you and your home will be feeling brand new this spring.

Add fresh linens

Freshen up your bedroom or dining room with Once Milano’s range of beautiful handmade linens.  These are investment pieces that will give you pleasure every day and will last for years to come.

Introduce interior fragrance

Revitalise your home with a burst of interior fragrance from Culti Milano. Gently spritz with a room spray for an instant fragrance burst or opt for a diffuser to have a constant source of background fragrance.  

We love the clean fresh smell of Tessuto at this time of year – what’s your favourite?

Open “Pandora’s Box” to tidy away your treasures

Like a modern treasure chest and inspired by the myth of Pandora, this beautiful collection of circular storage units, clad in metal, reveals hidden compartments for storing your treasures.  This piece is versatile enough to work as a storage table, bedside table or full chest of drawers and can be used in varied spaces, from the bathroom to the bedroom or living room.

Marea’s magical metal storage solutions

Somewhere between a practical storage solution and a work of art, each piece in this collection of cabinets and chests by Zanellato&Bortotto is unique, thanks to an entirely hand-crafted finish that transforms the metal surface into a delicate watercolour.

Get ready for the clocks to change

Don’t forget the clocks ‘spring forward’ on the 26th March – but you don’t need to wait until then to change your clocks!

Time flies

The beautiful Butterfly clock by Domeniconi clocks will make you smile every day.  This popular design comes with a set of 3 butterflies flying from the clock frame.

Go cuckoo

Discover Domeniconi’s beautiful range of contemporary cuckoo clocks including the Cucu 373 and Titti 2077. The gentle cuckoo on the hour will keep you on time!

In need of some more inspiration after reading our 2023 Spring Edit?

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