8 top home interior trends to love in 2022 and beyond

home interiors trends

During the last 18 months, our response to COVID-19 has led to changing priorities for many.  Our homes have played an increasingly important role providing us with a place to feel safe, a place to work and a place to “nest”. The pandemic combined with other societal trends such as digital transformation, our increased focus on sustainability and how we are embracing individuality, all have a direct impact on the way we live and what we are looking for in our homes.  Here are some home interior furnishing trends which we believe will be much more than just a passing fad.

Cool Cocooning 

Creating a homely cosy environment has been a top trend this year in response to us all spending more time at home especially on the sofa.   Generous curves, uber-generous sofas and cocooning armchairs have all been trending and will definitely continue through the winter months and beyond.

The Julep is a design classic by Jonas Wagell and was influenced by the 1950s Avant-Garde movement, drawing upon its simplicity and grandeur, refined by a contemporary, romantic, feminine allure

An icon of Italian design in the 1970s, the Sesann collection by Gianfranco Frattini was part of a new vision of contemporary living in which ergonomics were adapted to social change, ushering in a way of sitting that is more relaxed and less stiffly formal

Touchy feely

The use of textured fabrics and natural materials enhances the feeling of comfort and provides a response to the growing demands of quality versus quantity and the over-use of synthetic materials.  We are seeing increased interest in bouclé, leathers, wool, weaves, textured velvets, marbles and beautiful metal surfaces.

The Kelly E chair is custom made in a host of fabrics including velvets
The Soap tables can be custom made in your choice of marble and metal finish

Design classics – furniture to love for a lifetime

It’s about quality over quantity. There’s a shift towards more conscious consumption as people re-evaluate their impact. Style is less about throwaway fashion and more about quality, design and craftsmanship, truly giving value to what we own. We are looking for investment pieces that we will love forever in our wardrobes and the furniture in our homes. There is a definite shift towards design icons – take your pick from 50s glamour, 70s cool as well as contemporary designs that will become the classics of the future.

The Pensando ad Acapulco by IVdesign for De Castelli is a tribute to the iconic Acapulco Chair of the Fifties
The Piccy folding chair by design maestro Vico Magistretti was first designed in 1947 and is  just as relevant today

Going Green

Before the Pantone Colours of the Year get announced we have an instinct that green will be a colour we want to see more of in 2022.  Associated with nature and sustainability, it symbolizes health, new beginnings, growth and renewal, making you feel optimistic and refreshed. Green has a healing power and is understood to be the most restful colour for the eye to view so can be used to relax and create balance in interior design.

The Montevideo Sofa by Tacchini is available in fabric collection “Calantha” ahouseofdome.com
Discover the wide range of fabrics for the Kelly H and Kelly E Chairs in our Virtual Studio

Appealing to all the senses 

When designing our home interiors, we are now looking at ways to create a total sensory experience, going beyond just the aesthetics to how our homes feel. Consider how interior fragrance can add a “hidden” sensory dimension, as well as how lighting is a vital tool to enhance atmosphere and mood, through the year and different seasons.

Bring beautiful light to your table with the TetATet by Davide Groppi, a portable lamp you can use indoors or outside
The CULTI Milano range of diffusers and home fragrance products are made from superior quality contemporary fragrances all inspired by the nature and culture of Italy

Gathering around the table

The inability to spend time with our family and friends during “lockdowns” clearly reminded us of the importance of spending time with our loved ones.  Enjoying time together around the table is more cherished than ever and has placed a greater focus on our dining spaces which have, for many, become the hub of the home – a place to eat, work, laugh and connect.

Kelly T table Blog

The Kelly T collection offers six different size/shape dining tables, 4 with beautiful slim legs and 2 with a central pedestal, providing great options for a wide range of spaces and is custom made in a range of colours and finishes

Expressing individuality through personalisation 

We want furniture that truly reflects who we are and we want the ability to personalise it to suit our style. 2022 will continue to reflect huge growth in demand for the ability to customise furniture to suit individual tastes.

The Santiago sofa can be custom made in your pick of the extensive range of fabrics and materials offered by House of Dome’s Virtual Studio
The Roma collection can be custom made in your pick of the extensive range of fabrics and materials offered by House of Dome’s Virtual Studio

The ability to buy online but with personal design consultation

Probably the biggest shift over the last 18 months has been the growth in purchasing furniture online, but for those buying quality products there is still an absolute requirement for personal service.   And, that’s where we hope we stand out.  

At houseofdome.com, our approach is to offer the best of both worlds – a boutique online showroom with a carefully curated range of custom-made luxury furniture and home accessories that you won’t easily find on the High Street, coupled with an expert team who are on-hand to provide bespoke design advice by phone, online meeting or face-to-face.  

This approach allows us to offer an exceptional selection of furniture custom-made your way.  We offer hundreds of fabrics, metals, marbles, woods and other finishes for you to choose from and many upholstered designs can also be made in your own material if you prefer.

And, we’d love to help . . . Contact us on designconsultation@houseofdome.com or 020 3908 5605