Seven storage solutions for design lovers

Looking for inspiration? Here’s our top seven ideas for stunning storage solutions. From bookcases to bedside tables, cabinets to chests of drawers, here’s our pick of Italian custom-made designer furniture storage pieces, as beautiful as they are practical.

Open “Pandora’s Box”

Like a modern treasure chest and inspired by the myth of Pandora, this beautiful collection of circular storage units, clad in metal, reveals hidden compartments for storing your treasures. Select from a stunning range of metal finishes and sizes ranging from from one to six drawers.  This piece is versatile enough to work as a storage table, bedside table or full chest of drawers and can be used in varied spaces, from the bathroom to the bedroom or living room.

Explore the Pandora collection designed by Martinelli Venezia.

Different sizes available for all your special treasures

Marea’s magical metal surface

Somewhere between a design object and work of art, each piece in this collection of cabinets and chests by Zanellato&Bortotto is unique, thanks to an entirely hand-crafted finish that transforms the metal surface into a delicate watercolour. Like the tide (marea in Italian) leaves its mark, wave after wave, the hand of the craftsman, oxidation after oxidation, has created an effect that resembles water’s erosion of the material.

More about the Marea collection here.

Stunning signature metal finish for this beautiful storage solution

Style statement sideboard 

Like the hard metal sheets that identify the armour of a samurai, the scales on the skin of this piece define its appearance. A dynamic shape, taking on the evocative strength of Art Deco furnishings, plays with the essentialism of an ellipse and modular repetition, balanced between minimalism and marvel. With a natural oak frame covered in De Castelli metal, this secretaire opens unexpectedly: it conceals a roomy drawer, two more, while the sides contain curved doors.

Shop Yoroi.

Yoroi, designed by Alessandro Masturzo, is clad in stunning metal “scales”

A towering bookcase

Inspired by the legendary tower, house beloved books and object d’art in this circular unit by Martinelli Venezia.  The svelte modular structure, available in two diameters from 2-8 shelves and in free-standing or wall-mounted versions, was inspired by Athanasius Kircher’s legendary depiction of the Tower of Babel, also conceptually linked to the giant library of the same name described in the story by J.L. Borges.

See the full Babele collection.

Beautiful books deserve a beautiful place to store them

Circular cabinet or work of art?

Defined by materials such as iron, copper and brass, ennobled by De Castelli finishes, Mida is a perfect circle that conceals a cabinet, to collect, contain, organize and hide objects at will. Wall-mounted like an abstract painting, it opens thanks to telescopic arms that slide the single door either right or left, becoming a celestial body that silently orbits in an imaginary eclipse.

More about Mida.

A hidden cabinet lies behind the stunning metal surface

Make mine a negroni . . . 

This is total home entertaining heaven – Barista is a compact mobile bar with a sculptural volume, characterised by a ribbed effect comprising natural copper rods of differing diameters which create an irregular texture and give life to a soft play of light. The upper surface, also in natural copper, is slightly lower than the perimeter, making it useful for resting and serving drinks.

The mobile bar opens like a book: the perfect 180° opening action is made possible by the design solution which incorporates a “V” shape, enabling the two symmetrical halves to align perfectly. The interior is made entirely of stainless steel (this material was selected also because it’s hygienic and easy to clean) with a special mirrored finish, which multiplies the kaleidoscope of colours of the beverages and the reflections from the glass bottles and glasses, conjuring an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of a club or café. 

For cocktail heaven, enjoy Barista at home.

Made from copper, the Barista is the perfect solution for serving drinks at home

Add minimalist style and functionality to your outdoor space

In a revisitation of the classic garden shed underlined by minimalist design, designer Filippo Pisan uses an external corten steel ‘suit of armour’ which frames natural spruce facades. The result is a multi-functional space that can be transformed into a micro-workshop, bike storage, escape “cave”, children’s playroom, beachside hut, nook for meditative getaways or garden shed.  Accessorized with an automatic lighting system that activates once the door opens, Cottage No. 1 also comes with an internal ventilation system thanks to the raised wooden slatted floor and the small perforations in the wall.

To upgrade your garden storage, check out Cottage No.1

Cottage No.1 gives you the opportunity to add another room outside

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