Six of the best – Inspiration for extra beds with style


Extra bed ideas: If you want to add an extra bed in your home for occasional overnight guests or sleepovers, check out these extra bed ideas, perfect for a study, kid’s bedroom or compact apartment where space is tight but you don’t want to compromise on great quality and design.   

Zoom to Zzzzzzs!

The Zoom compact pouf is a brilliant space saver offering a handy seat which cleverly contains an inflatable double bed – a brilliant solution for small spaces to provide a guest bed whenever needed. 


And for my next trick!

Giulio Manzoni is a design magician!  The XL is a stylish and comfortable large padded pouf, which easily converts to either a cosy single bed or to a double bed, no magic wand required!

Sofa bed simplicity

Campeggi’s Dudù is a sofa bed with simple fresh design and the versatility to be used as a single or king size bed, ideal for a spare room or study. 


Compact console

The Moby by Campeggi cleverly transforms from a slim console unit with a shelf into a single bed offering a practical solution for tight spaces.


Bitta beautiful 

A brilliant design by Denis Santachiara designed to be used as a comfortable perch, the Bitta cleverly conceals a cosy inflatable single bed featuring an electrically powered inflating/deflating system so you won’t run out of puff!


A day bed for occasional nights too!

The Ospite by Vico Magistretti is a piece of design genius folding day bed to a slim 13cm profile in a few easy movements. This beautiful sofa is poised to become an emergency bed at any time if needed or simply for an afternoon nap. If you would like to learn more about the Vico Magistretti designs available at House of Dome, you can visit our Vico Magistretti: Designer Spotlight post.

Blog Ospite

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