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dome. noun – an infinite form, with no end or beginning, representing both precision and beauty.

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Our Journey

A passion for design

House of Dome was founded by Dan Domeniconi and Jane Nicholson, an Anglo/Italian couple with a mutual love of design.  Dan was born in Milan and studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan before moving to London to complete a masters’ degree at UCL, then never left!  He now runs a successful design consultancy working with interior designers and architects on projects in the UK and beyond.  Jane travelled a different passion path working in the tourism industry helping destinations with their marketing strategies, but has always had an interest in all things Italian, from food to fashion to furniture.

Our journey led us to creating an online showroom to share products and brands that inspire us.  We are genuinely delighted to present our carefully curated range of Italian design furniture, accessories and lighting.  These are already used by interior designers and architects in the UK, but we wanted to offer them to everyone as passionate about interesting design and quality as we are. 

Our team all share the same passion and values: we want to exceed your expectations, provide exceptional service and make it easy (removing the challenges of importing) to help you find beautiful products that you will absolutely love in your home foreve

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Our Ethos

Furniture to love for a lifetime 

When we started houseofdome.com it was very important to us that the furniture products we offer are carefully crafted from high-quality materials, made to stand the test of time – furniture you can love for a lifetime.  

Today, style is less about throwaway fashion and much more about quality, design and craftsmanship, truly giving value to what we own on our journey to more conscious consumption.  We believe this approach is a much more sustainable way to buy furniture (and any goods for that matter!) and that our products represent investments in beauty, functionality and longevity.

Making our deliveries Carbon Neutral

We don’t hide from the fact that our beautiful products are designed and custom made in Italy by specialist brands and their teams of craftsmen.  They then make their journey to the UK and are carefully delivered to your door.  However, we wanted to ensure we could find a way to offset our Carbon Footprint as a business and make our deliveries Carbon Neutral. 

We have chosen to do this by partnering with Carbon Neutral Britain, offsetting our Carbon Footprint with certified projects in Britain and around the world that reduce the amount of CO²e in the earth’s atmosphere.  And, our contribution also plants 360 trees every year, that’s almost one every day and that makes us smile.

Supporting our local community

On a local level we feel blessed that we live and work close to beautiful Bushy Park, one of the 8 Royal Parks in the London area, and it became a sanctuary for us during lockdowns; an inspiring place for Dan to do his running training, as well as the route for a new walking commute to the office (when the weather is kind!).  

Being so close to wildlife and nature in an urban environment is an absolute privilege, so we also wanted to find a way to support and give something back to a place that continues to give us so much joy.  For every House of Dome social media follower or newsletter sign-up, we donate 10p (a token gesture, but it all adds up!), plus we are planning to get involved in company volunteering days in the park when they have space for us.  

A continual journey to living and working more thoughtfully

We certainly don’t profess to be doing everything right but, like many, we are on a journey taking steps to living and working more thoughtfully.  From selecting sustainable recyclable packaging to investing in ozone technology to clean and reuse our swatch samples, we believe it is important to keep identifying ways, large and small, that all add up to make a difference.

About Our Italian Design Partners

Tacchini Logo

A family company created in 1967 by Antonio Tacchini at a time when the most poetic and soul-stirring passages in the story of design were written.  Naturally in time the children become the heirs, and the new founders, in a rationale of continuous updating and redefinition of the underlying idea, and that is what is handed down. Still today, in this family, the strength of the idea is central to every creative process, in a logical process of evolution, from the analysis of the idea to the three dimensions of the object, before ultimately becoming the essence of living. This ongoing process ensures a sense of connection with contemporary style, which is then further enhanced by the choice of quality materials and leading-edge technology, and always referencing an all-important tradition, to avoid the danger of confusing style with fleeting fashions and design with simple mass production.

logo campeggi 0

Campeggi was established in 1959 and was one of the first convertible furniture producers in the world.  Since 1968, they started to produce multi-functional objects working with design masters and fresh new talents and the company continues to evolve with the mission to be able to experiment, change and transform without being anything other than itself. 

Discover our capsule range of useful, transformable, playful and beautiful furniture items.

davide groppi logo

Simplicity, weightlessness, emotion, creative invention and amazement are the fundamental components of each lamp or lighting project designed by Davide Groppi.  

Davide Groppi creations are never conceived as just lights or lamps.  They come about through the need to give life to something that is necessary or significant.  

Light in the hands of Davide Groppi is a wonderful way to seduce and excite.  Light to see, light to feel.

DeCastelli Logo

Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation, De Castelli infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, leading to entirely original results. The encounter with design inspires an approach to materials founded upon respect for their potential, be it hidden or obvious, which emerges slowly in a collection of pieces that, despite being part of a series, remain unique.

Unique not only for the hand that has created them, but also for the singular cultural path that focuses on the aesthetic (and not just practical) value of the primordial material with which De Castelli shapes living spaces.

A crossroads between fine craftsmanship, advanced technology and aesthetic research, the collection interprets the potential of metal as a flexible material that becomes a recurring presence within the home.

logo CULTI bronzo 02

CULTI MILANO was founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, an eclectic interior designer, who realized the strong appeal and impact that a perfume has on its environment.  A trailblazer in interior fragrance, Alessandro invented the method of rattan stick diffusion, an innovation that has not only become a source of pride for the brand, but has changed the way perfume diffusion is used and perceived worldwide. 

Today, CULTI MILANO is one of the world’s leading brands in interior fragrance offering superior quality uncomplicated contemporary fragrances combined with a choice of diffuser bottles and candle design to suit your interior style.  This brand personifies how interior fragrance and interior design truly come together. 

All CULTI MILANO home fragrances are developed and produced in Italy and reflect the same high quality as a perfume made for the body. We cannot recommend this brand more highly and invite you to read the story behind each fragrance, inspired by the nature, landscape and flavours of Italy.

Discover the different design collections and select from diffusers ranging in size from 500ml to 4,300ml, as well as candles and room sprays.  In addition, CULTI MILANO offers one litre refills and replacement reeds, enabling you to top-up and reuse the beautiful diffuser bottles for future enjoyment – a cost-efficient and sustainable solution.

LOGO Domeniconi OK 01 Resize

“Paraphrasing Dino Gavina, I summarize the work and experience of over 50 years of our family’s history in the production of clocks: F.lli Domeniconi (formerly Diamantini & Domeniconi) creates objects that make people smile.” – Gianluca Domeniconi

Back in 1968 marks the time when the Domeniconi and Diamantini families started to make clocks in Fossombrone in the Marche region of Italy.  The company was started by Eraldo Diamantini and Antonio Domeniconi, the uncle of our House of Dome co-founder Dan Domeniconi. In the early days, Dan’s father, Vinicio, was instrumental in creating some of the iconic designs the company became so well-known for.

Over the years Diamantini & Domeniconi built a reputation for creating beautiful, contemporary and iconic clocks – from grandfather clocks back in the early days to the hugely popular modern cuckoo clocks it became so synonymous with.  

TIme ticked by and 2021 marked the evolution of this family’s passion for creating interesting and beautiful clocks, with the launch of F.lli Domeniconi, now steered by Antonio’s son, Gianluca.  

We are really excited to share our curated collection of Domeniconi clocks which we are intrinsically connected to through family and design heritage.

Slide Logo

SLIDE started back in 2002 with the aim to offer a range of furniture and lighting designed to create atmosphere and stir emotion.  Still based in Buccinasco, near Milan, they continue to develop a contemporary and fun range of design furniture, lighting and home accessories that can be used both indoors and outdoors and are internationally known for their “Luminoso” light up furniture for home and event use. 

These are products loved by architects and interior designers.  Why? Because of their creative ideas, shapes and use of materials, as well as the flexibility to use both indoors and outdoors.

The products stand out through SLIDE’s collaboration with a host of great Italian and international designers, together with their continued innovation in production methods, combined with Italian craftsmanship and quality.

Over the years they have built a deep knowledge of production methods and combine the industrial process of rotational moulding with clever design. Every product is finished by hand after it has been extracted from the mould which allows it to be more polished, more uniform and unique at the same time. 

We’ve selected the largest range of SLIDE products available in the UK because not only do they offer brilliant solutions for outdoors as well as indoors, they offer a great balance of quality, design and value. And, we absolutely love their innovative light up furniture and home accessories which bring magic to outside spaces.

once milano linens logo original

Our curation of exquisite quality bed and table linens is by Once Milano (pronounced On-ss, not wunce!), a luxury linen brand which combines the Italian way of life and fine craftsmanship, with a focus on colour texture and beautiful detailing.  Their products stand out for their contemporary interpretation of traditional linens,  inspired by a rich Veneto tradition of craft and textiles. 

All Once Milano’s products are 100% handmade in Italy using only the finest materials made by skilled artisans in Venice.  Each piece of fabric is hand-cut, sewn and then dyed in vibrant and seasonal colours – this creates a rich, unique effect unachievable with machine production.    The signature crushed style exudes a sophisticated understated elegance, is easy to care for and does not require ironing. As the products are made by hand, we can organise bespoke sizing, as well as monogramming, embroidery and any other custom request – just ask for details.

Quality is never compromised and Once Milano products are timeless, elegant and revel in a luxurious understatement that has become a signature of the brand.  They celebrate enhancing the beauty of the present moment and making every day feel special. 

Discover our beautiful range of bedding and dining linens – luxurious yet understated, contemporary yet honouring the traditional craftsmanship of the region.

logo black 01

Billiani has been making chairs in Italy for well over a hundred years together with the most brilliant minds of Italian and international design. The company is located in Manzano, in the heart of the chair triangle, an area of small specialised workshops where the culture of woodworking has deep roots and the supply chain is made up of companies with a centuries old history of craftsmanship, each specialising in a particular phase of the production process.

Good design and woodworking craftsmanship have always been at the heart of this heritage family business, but in the late 1990s, Luigi Billiani, a trained architect and grandson of the founder, steered the company further down the design path introducing successful collaborations with both Italian and International designers. And, in 2019 artistic direction was entrusted to Cristina Celestino.  Under her direction the image has become warmer and more sophisticated, with new colours and fabrics. The chair remained central, as well as wood, the leitmotif of the collection.

Still a family business, Billiani’s ‘Made in Italy’ approach has taken on a value that goes beyond the product itself to become an expression of a shared cultural and manufacturing heritage. 

For us, this brand truly embodies the very best combination of beauty, heritage, local craftsmanship, value and design and we are excited to bring you our curation of Billiani chairs, stools and tables.

Logo TrabA web

Originally branded as Trabaldo srl by Angelo Trabaldo in 1969, Traba specialised in the production of wooden chairs with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. Moving forward to 2015, Traba was established by Sonia and Maria Teresa Trabaldo and architect Emilio Nanni.

Thanks to a number of collaborations with designers over the years the company has quickly expanded its collections, whilst also maintaining the brand’s artisan tradition of customisation. In 2019 Traba Outdoor was established to complete the brands portfolio, offering indoor and outdoor versions of products to blur the gap between interior and exterior spaces.

We have carefully selected a range of both indoor and outdoor products from Traba that we believe are stylish, timeless and maximise functionality in your home, giving you enjoyment for many years to come.

About Our Suppliers From Other Places

bemboka logo

We have gone a little “off piste” by introducing an Australian brand to our collection, but for good reason and this is one we know very well from our many trips Down Under!  Bemboka is favoured by luxury boutique hotels in Australia, and around the world, as well as used by interior designers.  (We also personally use these towels and cashmere blankets and throws at home!).  

Our curation includes their brilliant bathroom collection of the highest-quality towels, mats and bathrobes in contemporary shades, as well as their beautifully crafted luxurious blankets and throws.  And this is where there is a link back to Italy – their soft, two-ply, 100% Cashmere yarn is Grade A, double-twisted and spun in Italy, exclusively for Bemboka by Zegna Baruffa.

Bemboka has fast-become an international favourite, recognised for its quality, design and sustainably-conscious approach.  From its humble beginnings in 1997, this premium textile brand has grown its reputation steadily, both in retail and commercially, to today being trusted in the homes of thousands, and as the preferred supplier by a portfolio of prestigious boutique hotels and resorts, globally.

Created for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Bemboka is passionate about interiors and design trends, with a vision to add signature style through its leading home textiles collection. 

These are the towels you try in a hotel and wish you had at home, as well as the most luxurious blankets and throws,  so let us introduce them to you, all the way from Down Under!