Six top tips when using lighting to create beauty and atmosphere in your home

Interior designers and architects are constantly striving to innovate their offering by improving materials, decor, fragrance, as well as lighting to create an environment that appeals to all the senses. The right lighting is a powerful design element which can positively contribute to the overall atmosphere and appeal of any space, so read on to get some tips from our co-founder and lighting expert, Dan Domeniconi.

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“My mantra is that lighting is not just about functionality allowing you to see, lighting also provides the opportunity to reveal the beauty and atmosphere of a space.” 

I have been working in lighting for more than 10 years and have experienced first-hand how lighting can really make or break a space.  My approach to lighting design is to combine both look and performance and I work alongside architects and interior designers to support the delivery of exceptional lighting solutions for residential as well as hospitality, retail, and commercial projects.  

Here are some tips and ideas to help you enhance the lighting in your home:

1. Choose lighting not just based on aesthetics

Light fixtures are often chosen based purely on how they look aesthetically – they are used as decoration; to create impact and reflect the personality of a space.  But the role that light plays goes way beyond this – it can provide effects, atmosphere and ambience in ways that cannot be achieved by other means. 

Selecting lights purely based on the aesthetic, generally means that another light has to support the illumination of the space, ending up with duplication and extra cost. When choosing lights, it is really important to look at the aesthetic, but it is vital to look at the type and amount of light emission they provide to ensure they deliver the functional, as well as the atmospheric, into the room. 

2. Find ways to bring soft diffused light into your home

Enjoy the simplicity of design and soft diffused light from an LED strip incorporated within the Anima lamp, which can be used in a host of spaces.

3. Task lighting doesn’t have to be boring 

Using the Hashi to light your workspace is a great example of how a light can be multi-functional.  When the work is done, switch the light upward to be fully vertical and you achieve a completely different feel to the space.

4. Using light to bring focus

Consider unexpected ways to spotlight an area, an object or feature.

5. Lighting up outside spaces

Creating the right sense of arrival starts with how a building is lit from the outside.

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An outside space can feel like an extra room when using outdoor lighting.

Davide Groppi Origine Outdoor 3

Don’t be fooled by simplicity of design. The Lenta creates the most beautiful light and atmosphere when used both indoors and out.

6. Lighting at your table 

Italian lighting designer, Davide Groppi, is a great innovator in dining lighting – he considers the light as an ingredient of the food on the plate, enhancing the taste experience. 

The Moon DE (dual emission) creates atmosphere and beauty with a stunning ambient ball of light, along with a spotlight focus on the table.

moon project

The TetATet has a rechargeable battery allowing you to use it wherever you want to create an intimate atmosphere for drinks or dining.

Getting professional advice can be illuminating

House of Dome has curated a beautiful range of decorative and architectural lighting options, which work equally well in contemporary as well as period homes, both indoors and out.

However, should you need professional support in creating a full lighting plan for your home, the House of Dome team can organise to set up a private consultation to help you find creative and functional lighting solutions to fit budget and requirements, working with an array of specialist Italian lighting brands.  Contact the team:

To discover our beautiful selection of Italian lighting and furniture collections, visit or call us on 020 3908 5605.