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Interior Fragrance

Interior Fragrance

A collection where interior fragrance and interior design perfectly blend

CULTI MILANO is one of the world’s leading brands in interior fragrance offering superior quality uncomplicated contemporary fragrances combined with a choice of diffuser bottles and candle design to suit your interior style.

Discover the different design collections and fragrances which are all inspired by the nature, landscape and flavours of Italy with a range of candles, room sprays and diffusers including the magnificent signature 4300ml size. Refills are also available allowing you to reuse the beautiful diffuser bottles for future enjoyment.

20% Discount on CULTI Milano: Please be aware that the external packaging on some CULTI Milano items has been slightly marked,  The items inside are all perfect, but some of the boxes may have some small scuffs.  As a result we have reduced all CULTI interior fragrance by 20% to reflect the slightly imperfect packaging on some items.  A great opportunity to buy at a discounted rate and the products themselves are just as delicious as always!