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Virtual Studio

Customise, your way

Welcome to our Virtual Studio where you can explore the many fabrics and finishes available for our custom-made products.

You’ll discover hundreds of high-quality Italian fabrics and leathers, as well as stunning metals and marbles; painted, embossed and ‘velvet’ finishes, woods and lacquered woods – so many to choose from to suit your personal style.

Click to discover hundreds of swatches

Simply click on the swatch symbol above to view all the customisation options for each supplier. 

Wherever you see the swatch symbol below, click and you’ll see all the available choices from that supplier. Why not add your favourites to your “My Showroom” and start a moodboard.

Still not sure? Chat to one of our experienced design team for ideas and advice.

Pick the Right Material For You

Design Advice and Swatch Service

To guide you in making the right choice, we have samples of all the fabrics, materials, marbles and finishes and are happy to set up an appointment to guide you through these, either in our Teddington office, by virtual meeting or at a central London location.

We can also organise to send you samples for many of the fabrics and materials offered, subject to availability, of course.   It’s easy, just peruse the collections and add your chosen swatch options to your shopping basket.  We do charge a fee for our sample service of £50 which will be added at the checkout stage, but this is fully redeemable against your purchase.  As samples are generally requested from Italy, it may take 5-10 days to get these to you.

We offer a complimentary returns service for any unwanted swatches and these are sanitized using Ozone technology and re-used, rather than ending up in landfill.

Please be aware that there may be very slight differences in colour shading/finish between sample swatches and the goods supplied.  

Discover the Campeggi Fabric Collections

Campeggi is one of the first convertible furniture producers in the world. Our current capsule collection features some innovative solutions for extra beds which you can select your fabric for, as well as some design classics.  We will shortly be adding a wider range of Campeggi products, so watch this space!

Removable washable covers

A brilliant feature of Campeggi upholstered furniture is that almost every product comes with removable covers (just a few exceptions) and all fabrics are washable.

So many choices . . . 

We offer over 90 fabrics/colour choices, divided into different collections including velvets, cord velvets, beautiful woven cottons, tweeds, faux leather, etc.  Every product clearly highlights what your choices are and will display the price in your selected fabric.

Click to peruse the Campeggi fabrics

Explore Tacchini’s “Dress Code” Fabrics
and other Materials

A heritage Italian brand, founded in 1967 at an exciting time in the story of design.  The evolution of the brand from generation to generation positions the strength of the idea as central to every creative process, in a logical process of evolution, from the analysis of the idea to the three dimensions of the object, before ultimately becoming the essence of living. This ongoing process ensures a sense of connection with contemporary style, which is then further enhanced by the choice of quality materials and leading-edge technology, and always referencing an all-important tradition, to avoid the danger of confusing style with fleeting fashions and design with simple mass production. With many of Tacchini’s upholstered items, you not only have the choice of fabric, but also for the legs and even the stitching!  

For other items such as tables, you can pick your choice of surface such as marble and also the legs.  Explore by individual product to see which fabrics and materials it is available in and how you can personalise to suit your preferences.

You may also want to explore the Tacchini materials brochure to learn more about how each of these materials is produced/selected, as well as care instructions.   Worth noting, when selecting marble finishes, there is generally an optional supplement for an anti-stain treatment which we highly recommend to help protect the beauty of the surface.

Click to discover Tacchini’s stunning range of quality materials including fabrics, marbles, metals, woods and surface finishes

A Treasure Trove of Metals from De Castelli

A crossroads between fine craftsmanship, advanced technology and aesthetic research, the De Castelli furniture collection interprets the potential of metal as a flexible material to create stunning objects for your home.  

Folding metal to adorn furniture and architectural space requires knowledge and love for the material and its expressive potentialities, as well as great creativity and continuous technological research. At De Castelli, the philosophy and expertise in execution give life to pieces of furniture, wall coverings and projects of the highest manufacturing quality and an astonishing array of forms. The meticulous attention to details and the manual execution of all finishing operations testify to the expertise of a company whose very identity and raison d’être is to experiment with metal and explore the full potential of its variations and permutations.

Oxidation, inlaying, engraving and erosion processes: such is the multitude of creative possibilities that can be applied to a constantly-changing material, whose destiny is to acquire the patina of time that the hand of man can stop entirely or speed up, according to the surface effect sought. Metal creates a richly-varied palette of iridescent tones, oxidations and deep colours and provides a highly-distinctive form of artistic expression, celebrating the essential nature of the material itself in its aesthetic and symbolic value.

For inspiration, you might enjoy taking a virtual tour of the simply stunning brand new De Castelli showroom in Milan.

Click to discover the treasure trove of metals and finishes used to create the De Castelli range

SLIDE uses this most versatile of material to create endless possibilities

The material polyethylene may not initially sound too alluring but stick with us, SLIDE works its design magic and specialist knowledge in production using it to create brilliant products for indoor and outdoor use.   

All products are designed and manufactured in Italy and SLIDE combines advanced technology together with craftsmanship.  Using the industrial process of rotational moulding, then finishing each product by hand after it has been extracted from the mould, allows it to be more polished, more uniform and unique at the same time. 

Inspiration comes from nature, as well as art and some ranges feature finishes such as Japanese paper, a weave of leather, the tiles of a mosaic. Baroque and colourful items match with natural shades of stones, wood and marbles. And some products offer choices of table top finish including HPL and tempered satinated glass.

Click here to pick your perfect polyethylene shade, gloss or matt lacquer, plus a range of special finish options

Understated luxurious linens from Once Milano Virtual Studio

Our exquisite Once Milano’s products are 100% handmade in Italy using only the finest materials made by skilled artisans.  The Veneto region where Once Milano is based is where the textiles and design industry has flourished.  An area where families (even whole towns) were devoted to developing an extraordinary expertise and knowledge in textiles.  

Each piece of fabric is hand-cut, sewn and then dyed in vibrant and seasonal colours – this creates a rich, unique effect unachievable with machine production.  The signature crushed style exudes a sophisticated understated elegance, is easy to care for and does not require ironing.

You can pick from over 20 colours of linens in your selected bedding or tableware.  Although every effort is made to ensure a uniform colour for each individual product, this can not be guaranteed and some difference in colour is possible.

The products are developed with a keen eye for detail which includes fringing, piping and macramé edging. We can also arrange bespoke pieces in different sizes if required, as well as personalised embroidery and monogrammed items – please just ask for details.

Click to discover a world of beautiful linen choices

Premium home textiles from Bemboka

Bemboka textiles represent premium quality and enduring durability and the company takes a sustainably-conscious approach in sourcing and producing its materials.  Exploring the world to source only the finest yarns, the brand designers have an in-depth understanding of what is required for luxury results.  From understated Australian angora and superfine blends of merino wool, to Italian cashmere and Turkish cotton – the team casts its net wide and thin to ensure only those products in line with the brand ethos are used. It’s dedicated knitting factory has been producing exceptional merchandise since its establishment in 1962.  

The brand holds personal relationships with its suppliers, from the flax farmers, through to the spinners and knitters in the factories and the distribution persons. These relationships ensure the brand delivers on its word, from start to finish, whilst maintaining its commitment to quality. 

The fabric and care information provided with each swatch lists where the products were made, yarns sourced and the care required to maintain quality.

Click to explore Bemboka’s colours and fabrics

Explore the materials used to craft Billiani’s designs

Since 1911, Billiani has been making chairs and continues to produce 100% within the chair triangle in Italy, an area of small specialised workshops, each with a deep-rooted woodworking culture. 

Over the last 20 years or so, Billiani put a concrete focus on design, collaborating with Italian and International designers and, in 2019, artistic direction was entrusted to Cristina Celestino.  Under her direction the image has become warmer and more sophisticated, with new colours and fabrics. The chair remained central, as well as wood, the leitmotif of the collection.

All chairs, stools and tables are custom made to order in your selected wood, with optional coloured stain and lacquer finishes.  Upholstered chairs and stools are offered in a huge choice of British Standard fabrics from brands including Kvadrat, Rohi, Fidivi and also unique fabrics to Billiani created by Cristina Celestino. For your reference, you’ll see our Billiani fabrics all have a category allocated- Essential, Select, Tailored, Unique and Couture. Each category represents a price band, so any fabric in the same category is the same price for your selection. If you don’t find what you are looking for, it is also possible to produce in your own selected fabric (COM).

Click to explore the huge range of stunning fabrics and materials

Discover Traba's Colourful Fabric and Material Collection

Traba has been consciously designing its products to be customisable since its establishment in 1969. With its diverse range of materials including lacquered metals, marbles, glass and woods you will be sure to find the perfect combination for your home. We have also carefully selected a collection of British Standard fabrics from brands including Camira, Alessandro Bini and Agora in a wide assortment of colours and types. These have been clearly categorised into price bands and suitability for indoor/outdoor or only indoor use.

Click to explore Traba's range

Want to Use Your Own Fabric? No Problem

You’ll be in swatch heaven with our extensive range of high-quality Italian fabrics and colours, but we also offer the opportunity to use your own selected fabric on a wide variety of upholstered products, as indicated.

As a guide, we have advised the amount of fabric you will need in the product description.  Select the Customer Own Material (COM) price option when placing your order and we will be in touch to help you with next steps.  For your info, we have indicated an estimate of how much material will be required.  You will see that this is generally different for regular fabric and for leather, due to fabric bale widths.

You’ll be in swatch heaven with our extensive range of high-quality Italian fabrics and colours, but we also offer the opportunity to use your own selected fabric on a wide variety of upholstered products, as indicated.

As a guide, we have advised the amount of fabric you will need in the product description.  Select the Customer Own Material (COM) price option when placing your order and we will be in touch to help you with next steps.  For your info, we have indicated an estimate of how much material will be required.  You will see that this is generally different for regular fabric and for leather, due to fabric bale widths.

Other Studio Services

Bespoke furniture

We can also help with producing totally bespoke furniture, either an adaptation of a design you have seen in our collection or a totally unique design you have developed.  Please speak to one of our team and we will be happy to discuss.

Lighting scheme advice

If you need advice on designing a lighting scheme for your home, we can provide a private consultation service with a lighting expert.  Please get in touch and we will be happy to help.