Inspired by Chelsea Flower Show?  Explore Our Top 10 Garden Design Ideas For Compact Gardens

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Have you been inspired by the amazing garden design ideas at Chelsea Flower Show this year but need to think on a smaller scale?  If you are looking for some simple but transformational garden design ideas, here’s a few suggestions that will bring Italian contemporary accessorizing to your small but perfectly formed outdoor spaces.

I’m originally from Chile where I grew up with an enormous garden and developed my passion for plants.  I’ve had to adapt my green fingers to urban living and here is my pick of planters, lighting and outdoor furniture which work equally well on a city balcony or compact garden.

From country garden to urban balcony

Whether you have a small garden, courtyard or urban balcony, here’s some contemporary garden design ideas that will elevate your compact outdoor spaces by day and by night.  

  • Consider how lighting can add another dimension to your al fresco entertaining, as well as create a warm welcome.  
  • Discover planters which can bring contemporary style outdoors, but with designs which work equally as well for your conservatories and indoor spaces.  
  • And take a look at some clever,  stylish and versatile furniture ideas which work equally well outdoors and indoors when the weather’s not so good. 

Perfect planters

Add an instant style update to your inside and outside spaces – perfect for decks, driveways, patios, conservatories and more.  Here’s a few of my favourites . . . 


Clever! The Luminoso X Pot can display your planting and at night bring lighting magic.


The Narnya planter comes in a range of different sizes, all tall and sleek and a perfect option for creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.   The towering lines of the large-scale versions are naturally imposing, defining the space and its paths.


Bamboo is such a clever dual purpose planter, which doubles up as a divider – ideal for a pathway or where you want to create a division of space.  And there is a light up option, if you want to bring some ‘luminoso’ magic.

Blos Pot

Blos bliss! The Blos Pot By Karim Rashid is super versatile and can be used for displaying your plants or for storage too.”  (Part of the Blos collection with outdoor furniture options too).

Outdoor Furniture for smaller places

What we love about this collection of outdoor furniture is that it can look equally as good indoors!  Our entire range is designed and made in Italy in your pick from  a wide range of colours, as well as the option of a chic lacquered finish.  Oh, which to choose!

Meet Amélie

This collection offers contemporary style and great value.  The Amélie Up Table and stool offers a brilliant solution for a balcony, deck or patio.  Perfect for breakfast in the sunshine or an after work sundowner, custom made in your favourite colour.

Tables and Chairs

A neoclassical design which comes in a range of sizes, the Ottocento table (left) makes a great option for your outdoor dining and entertaining.  Pair with the slim stackable Gloria chairs (right) to optimize the space.

Is that Gelée?!

For fun seating ideas, take a good look at the Gelée poufs and armchair (and you might see a random chicken too!).  They look seriously delicious and are also really comfortable. 

Light up the occasion

Lighting will totally transform your outside space, bringing interest and atmosphere.  Here’s a few ideas from large to small that will make you want to enjoy long al fresco evenings.


This sculptural light feature works equally as well in a city apartment as a country garden.  Standing almost 2 metres tall, the Cucun lamp adds warm light to your space.


This directional outdoor 360 degree spotlight by lighting maestro, Davide Groppi, can be used to bring a beautiful light feature to your planting. The Grillo lamp is set on a stick enabling you to adjust the height of the spotlight to follow the growth of the plants and it has a spear base.


The beauty of this tall thin telescopic lamp when used outdoors, either singularly or several, is that it creates a focal point – whether directing you to an entrance, along a pathway or to spotlight a feature.

More ideas at your green fingertips . . .

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